First Covid-19 SPR sensor

Today, SensEye® launches the first commercially available Covid-19 surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor, the G-type SensEye® G Covid-19 S1 protein. The sensor carries a stable, homogenous top-layer of oriented, high affinity Covid-19 S1 protein.
The sensor can be used for a broad variety of R&D applications including the determination of Covid-19 antibodies in patient samples for R&D purposes. By combining the SensEye® with a suitable spotting technology, up to hundreds of interactions can be studied simultaneously.
Furthermore, this SensEye® can be used for Covid-19 vaccine and therapy development, Covid-19 assay development as well as to further elucidate the details of Covid-19 and its disease.
SensEye® has a mild regeneration buffer available for this new SensEye® which allows to re-use the sensor up to at least several tens of sequential interactions, demonstrating the enormous capacity of this SensEye®. The launch of the SensEye® GCovid-19 S1 protein is the first in a series of Covid-19 related SensEyes that will be launched during the coming weeks. Please visit our website regularly to stay tuned or contact us by email for further information.

SensEye® is part of Ssens and provides a complete line of sensors and related products for the MX96 of IBIS Technologies, which is currently the most versatile SPR-imager on the market.


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